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Many companies were caught off guard when the pandemic struck. They did not have online strategies to help them transition from offline to online sales and marketing. Using best practices and case studies developed during the pandemic, Marie Wiese of Marketing CoPilot will share an outline for a survival plan that can be applied to your marketing automation and CRM technology to produce lead management results in times of dramatic change.

The content of this session is geared toward an audience with intermediate-level knowledge of the subject area.

Are you or your small team charged with managing GP for an organization with lots of GP companies and similar tasks daily, weekly or monthly? If you’re performing the same task more than once (ok twice) there’s opportunity for automation because you have better things to do with your time!  I’m the sole admin for 49 GP databases and I’ll show you how I use SQL to automagically open the GP fiscal period for a new month, run an automatic daily AR aging process and more across our entire GP enterprise.

Participants will learn how to:

1.Create a SQL process to automatically open the new fiscal period for one or more GP companies;
2.Use SQL to automatically ‘age’ all accounts receivable customers daily;
3.Automatically generate an AR Aging and email it as an attachment directly from SQL

This session is geared for an audience with an intermediate skill set.

This session will be available for CPE credits pending completion of session survey post event.

Newly or recently assigned as sys admin? Overwhelmed by the Unified Client Interface (UCI)? Trying to solve new business requirements? During this live-environment demonstration, let’s explore some confidence-boosting basics and exchange ideas to supercharge user adoption. You’ll see in action the Maker portal, personalized settings for you and your users, themes, helpful view features, UCI transition tips, data management best practices, and automation with processes and flows.

The content of this session is geared toward an audience with beginner-level knowledge of the subject area.

Does the document management system you’re using (or considering) come up short as transaction volumes increase and workflows become more complex? 

Are you constantly switching among ERP, CRM, and other systems looking for documents, email, and other electronic files? 

Have you ever screamed WTF (where’s the file…or email) in frustration?

Join the Datahaven team as we highlight how Datahaven 365 and its advanced scanning, OCR, and workflow approval solutions streamline paperless processes for:

•AP automation
•procure-to-pay and
And these are just some of the solutions we offer. 

With its patented virtual folder structure, Datahaven 365 is the only embedded document management solution available across a full range of Microsoft applications and platforms, including 

•Finance & Operations
•Customer Engagement
•Business Central
•Power Apps
•Outlook and 
By attending our session, we will automatically register you for our Summitland giveaway, a $250 Amazon gift card!