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Boost Your Customer Experience Through Embedded AI. If you are interested in increasing customer satisfaction, consider attending Jeff Kanel’s session at User Group Summit. Jeff is the Director of Data & Analytics at To get a taste of what Jeff’s session will cover in Orlando, watch his quick video previewing the limitations of current customer-facing business processes and how AI could be the solution, with a combination of Microsoft Azure’s Machine Learning and Dynamics technologies. Enjoy!

In this webinar we will cover a variety of key considerations and tactics you can implement including breaking down barriers, leveraging data and delivering omni-channel customer experiences, how to integrate your systems to break down silos, an introduction to Trillium and how Trillium’s clients have improved their member engagement through marketing automation, a user case, and Q&A.

Customer expectations have historically evolved faster than business applications. This has usually resulted in a gap between a business’ CRM-related tools and processes, and the demand by their customers for a personalized, timely and meaningful experience. Today, however, the technology has finally caught up. Learn how recent innovations can empower your organization to move beyond internally-focused sales and marketing processes to deliver individually tailored customer-centric experiences.

Join us for an educational webinar on how you can leverage computer telephony integration (CTI) technology to provide your agents with insight into your customer’s issues before they even answer their call. These insights ensure your agents are equipped with the necessary details and background on your customer’s needs.