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If you manage the security of your company’s data, while challenging, you also have the opportunity to be a champion for your company with the right tools. In this session, learn how Fastpath can help provide your company to answers important questions like: Do you know who has access to your data, what they are doing with that data, and the risks to your data? With the Fastpath Assure cloud platform, you can answer these questions and provide an internal control framework to meet your compliance needs. Get rid of manual, prone to error, security related tasks and replace them with solid controls around user access, segregation of duties, tracking changes to critical data, and setting up new users. Fastpath will help your company take your security by design to the next level. We also will review the native controls in Dynamics 365F&O/AX around security, showing where Fastpath can help fill gaps and improve efficiencies in security reporting. In today’s world, with GDPR, SOX, and ever-growing number of audits, having the right security and financial controls in place is more important than ever. This session will show how the Fastpath governance, risk, and compliance solutions can help your company become a security and compliance superstar.

When it comes to monitoring Power BI there are compliance, governance, performance, and implementation questions to consider. 

In this session, we will look at how you can find the right answers by monitoring Power BI. We will look at the Power BI Audit log for usage, license, and other audit information. We will look at what the Power BI API can show us about data sets, refresh history, Enterprise Gateway information, premium capacity, and artifact inventory. Lastly we will show how you can automate the data collection via Azure and PowerShell and report on the results.

Session Level: Intermediate

As the economy slowly recovers and the new normal settles in, now is the time for finance leaders to strategically rethink the way they operate to help the business survive and thrive in turbulent times. Since Accounts Payable is the #1 most time-consuming function in finance today, automation and scaling are the key components of modernizing your organization to enable business success. Join us to learn how Tipalti can help Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central customers streamline and transform global payables operations, adding governance to regional entities, and automating tiresome processes that weigh you down.

Power BI is being implemented at many organizations at a rapid pace. Unfortunately doing so without a plan can lead to “wild west of reports” with everyone doing their own thing, lack of governance, standards and potential for poor adoption.

During this session I will provide you with tips, use cases and a best practice framework that has been refined from hundreds of successful enterprise scale implementations. You will leave with the confidence to implement Power BI, create your own center of excellence and ensure success at your organization.

Session Level: Basic