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You’ve done your research. You know your corporate indirect tax department could benefit from comprehensive tax technology. You’ve looked into software options and started building your business case. However, the most critical question remains: How are you going to fund the investment?

If you know where to look, you’ll uncover costs that will more than justify the decision to purchase comprehensive indirect tax software to manage your global sales and use taxes, value-added taxes (VAT), and goods and services taxes (GST). Here we take a look at several areas where potential time and cost savings overwhelmingly validate the investment in indirect tax technology.

Cloud software solutions eliminate the burden of system administration and maintenance so management can focus on value-added activities. They remove the need for IT teams to manage on-premise implementations that are tough to forecast from a resourcing perspective. They reduce costs significantly while providing better service, more agility and greater security.

Most modern corporations whose goal is to stay tax compliant decide to use integrated tax software. It is the only way to automate the end-to-end tax automation process and allow your indirect tax department to spend more time on the activities that bring value to your business.

This whitepaper shows how these corporations benefit from integrated tax software and how it helps them stay tax compliant.