When you discover your Mona Lisa was crafted with crayons, it’s time to hang a new piece.  Future plans are important – organizations need at minimum a 3 year product roadmap. DCS knew 2.5 years in advance that our end goal was to launch an automated 3PL facility.  We treat our services as products and develop them accordingly to maximize delivery and introduce functionality. That advance planning allowed us to deploy a modern ERP and collapse multiple legacy systems that were a constant challenge to integrate with one another.  Fulfilling data requests from clients and customers was challenging due to legacy silos. Hear from Director of IT William Wells the journey of their D365 implementation and what has been achieved to since their go live in January 2021.   

    •     Discuss phases 1, 2, 3 o     Start with the core then improve 

    •     Change our business processes instead of customize D365  

    •     Rapid deployment 

    •     MHAX WMS automation integration 

    •     A purpose-built supply chain WMS is replaced with D365, and D365 (mostly vanilla implementation) out performs it

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