Dynamics GP

Learn about free tools that allow you to carry on daily duty as a DBA or SysAdmin to manage your Dynamics GP environment. Get to know where to look for free tools when it comes to manage your systems and grab scripts and tools from the GP Community to help!

In this session, you will learn what’s new with Dynamics GP, 50 features in 50 minutes. We will focus on the 2 most recent releases, the October 2019 release and 2018R2 in this presentation. In addition as a bonus, the slide deck includes over 40 additional new features released in the past 3 releases (2018, 2018R2, and October 2019) which we will not cover during the presentation due to time constraints, but you can review the slides for the bonus content at your leisure.

Join GPUG All-Stars Abra, Amber, Kyle, Shawn, and Zubin with guest appearances from other MVPs and All-Stars (present and future, aka – you!).

This session is a throwback to the origins of GPUG, your Q&A session, this is intended to be a live troubleshooting session. 

We encourage audience members to respond to each other’s questions sharing their experience as to how they have responded to similar challenges.

We want to demonstrate to you the Power of Us, to recognize that you are not alone and that your peers know how to guide you through your challenges.

Our expert panel will be there as a safety net, to course-correct or fill in the gaps if necessary, but we want this to be your session.

We will not have a formal presentation, we will start the session with an interactive whiteboard of your questions.

We will ask all attendees to submit their questions in advance so we can maximize our time responding vs soliciting questions.

If we don’t cover everything during the session our panel will respond to you after the session.

We are looking forward to us all working through your issues together!

As you look to maximize ROI across your organization, now more than ever, the things that appeared “little” are more expensive than you realize; manual data entry, filing documents, and searching for files have real costs associated with them. Attend this interactive workshop session as we explore the steps, the industry data and benefits of centralized document management and invoice process automation. Learn real-world examples that you can analyze and easily convey, as you build the business case for AP automation and pave the way for its success!  

Leverage the power of SQL Server to create queries and reports from all of the data from GP.  This session will take a tour of Management Studio and walk through the basics of writing basic SQL queries and creating Views to be used in multiple locations in GP.  Topics will include using Management Studio, basic joins and functions, creating views, and using your views in Smartlist, Smartlist Builder, SQL Reporting Services, and any other reporting tool that you might use.

This session is geared for an audience with a basic skill set.

This session will be available for CPE credits pending completion of session survey post event.

How much paper do you think goes in and out of your accounts payable (AP) department each week, month, and year? We would bet it’s a lot. 


When you, or your AP team, are dealing with paper invoices and checks you could be spending more time tracking them down than you are reviewing and approving. That makes it inevitable for some not to get lost or misplaced during the process. Which could even lead to inaccurate spend and prevent you from forecasting correctly in the future. 


That’s where AvidXchange comes in handy and removes the paper from overcrowding your AP team’s desks. Automating your accounts payable process will easily help you forget those pesky, misplaced paper invoices and checks for good.


Please join us to find out more about: 


•    Gaining access to your invoices and payments anytime, anywhere

•    Increasing security when it comes to your business’ cashflow

•    Saving your company money while being able to better forecast the future

•    Fireside chat with an AvidXchange customer on why they automated their AP process

Everyone knows that Excel is the “go-to” program when creating financial reports. However, when you export a report from legacy tools such as Management Reporter into Excel, you have no ability drilldown on the numbers. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could? 

With ActivReporter, you CAN! 

Join this session to learn how you can completely replace Management Reporter with ActivReporter. ActivReporter can produce financials with multiple periods, multiple budgets, multiple companies, foreign currencies, and much more. And for any number in any ActivReporter Excel financial, you CAN drilldown to the underlying detail and then drillback to the posting in Dynamics GP.

Do you find yourself doing the same things over and over again in GP?  Do you have lots data to enter/update?  This session will introduce macros and how they can simplify repetitive tasks in GP.

Many aspects of GP Macros will be covered:

  Introduction to macros

  Creating and running macros

  Editing macros

  Merging your data with a macro to add/update multiple records using Replicator

If you’ve never used a macro or if you are an expert, this session will help you be more efficient in your day to day tasks.

This session is geared for an audience with a basic skill set.

This session will be available for CPE credits pending completion of session survey post event.

How to create an automated Excel macro that will massage your Smartlists automatically for you after downloading from GP.  We’ll explore better tools than SmartList to get your data out of GP including using Excel Reports, SSRS Reports, and even Power BI.  We’ll also explore how you can quickly visualize your data using tools like Tableau without having to spend hours slicing and dicing data in Excel.

SQL Reporting Services is Microsoft’s powerful reporting engine that can allow you to deploy reports to your entire organization.  With the integration of Power BI visuals, SSRS can be the one-stop shop for all of your reporting needs.  This session will look at the setup and deployment of SSRS in your organization and some report designing tips and tricks to take your reports beyond simple tables of data!

This session is geared for an audience with a basic skill set.

This session will be available for CPE credits pending completion of session survey post event.

Interested in seeing what you can do with GP HR Features? You own this module, why not make use of it, whether or not you use GP for processing payroll. This session will provide an overview and give you ideas of what you can do with what you own.

This session is geared for an audience with a basic skill set.

This session will be available for CPE credits pending completion of session survey post event.

In this session we will cover everything you need to know to begin using the Fixed Asset module.  We will cover setup, import, depreciation, retirement, reporting, and year end.

This session is geared for an audience with a basic skill set.

This session will be available for CPE credits pending completion of session survey post event.

The landscape for Accounts Payable is changing. New technologies offer the promise of increased efficiency, electronic B2B payment types and automated workflows – but it takes significant time, effort and cost to transform into the AP department of the future. Or does it? 

Join Mekorma to discuss how you can make paying vendors in Microsoft Dynamics GP a much easier experience – without losing the familiarity of tried-and-true, integrated processes. We’ll show you how to:

•    Manage all your payment batches, for all your GP companies and checkbooks from one central location 

•    Approve payments on-the-go with our mobile application, PowerApprovals 

•    Safely outsource vendor payments by letting us handle them for you! Mekorma Enhanced ePayments can permanently relieve you of the most time consuming and costly parts of the AP function

Calling all Management Reporter users!  Come see some of the most recommended Tips & Tricks for report design, reconciliation and distribution to have smooth sailing financial reporting ship.  Maximize your knowledge and use of Management Reporter in this crash course of “favorite features”.  Bring your questions and report design scenarios to share in this casual and informative session.