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Does your organization “own” perpetual licenses for your ERP software? Do you have aging on-premise servers in an IT closet somewhere in your business and wonder if now is the right time to venture into the cloud? Your are not alone! Check out this blog for perspective and ideas to help you manage the ambiguity of considering a cloud migration!

Come and join us for this exclusive webinar to learn more about: the benefits of an Upgraded GP System, new features in GP 2015, 2016, and 2018, the difficulties of being on an unsupported version, including Payroll and other potential problems.

This session will walk you through the basics of building trial balance statements, company income statements and departmental income statements using Management Reporter. This session is perfect for anyone who has never worked with Management Reporter as well as intermediate users. Upon completion, participants will be able to build a summary trial balance statement, and build a company-wide income statement and departmental income statement.

Béat Bucher and Steve Erbach, GPUG All-Stars, show you how to use everybody’s favorite program (Microsoft Excel!) to give you two ADVANCED GP Administrator’s Dashboards; with a high-res view of which users are doing what in GP; GP record locks; disconnected SQL sessions using up GP licenses; stuck GP batches; and a highly attractive, C-Level graph of weekly GP user activity!

You’ve Upgraded…What’s Changed?” If you’ve jumped a few versions or your post-upgrade training consisted of “Can I still do my old tasks?”; this session is for you! Join Abra Gilman, Amber Bell, and Shawn Dorward as they show you some of their favorite new and “not so new” features in GP. Including: Navigation Lists, SmartList Designer, PowerBI, Workflow, Doc Attach and more! Whether you are a GP User or GP Partner…come to this session to learn how you can revolutionize your GP System!

Presented by @Abra Gilman
Presented by @Zubin Gidwani

Join GPUG All-Stars Zubin and Abra as we share checklists and tips to help businesses navigate working from home with Dynamics GP. We’ve not only worked with our own customers, but also met with groups of partners and vendors in our channel to prepare the content for this information-packed presentation.

It’s important to attract and keep the right candidates to power your business to success. As an employer, you should be asking “what’s my biggest issue, and who can help me address that issue?” I recommend having a conversation with your employees and colleagues to identify which components of the Employee Experience might help you stay competitive, and where you might be lacking.

The TCJA made significant changes to how federal tax is calculated for individual taxpayers. In addition, many of the long-time exemptions no longer apply for tax year 2018 and beyond. These changes make it difficult to estimate the correct amount of tax to withhold from employees’ paychecks. Historically, sensitive information, such as income from sources other than that particular job, wouldn’t be shared with employers.

The TCJA Effects on W-4 Withholdings, Deductions