Future Office of the CFO Minute

Artificial intelligence shouldn’t be viewed as yet another shiny toy, but embraced as new way to be efficient. In this Future Office of the CFO Minute, there are 3 factors that need to be considered to help CFOs stay competitive.

With RPA growth expected to hit 32.8% by 2028, there are still hesitancy in trusting automation. Why are CFOs lacking trust in automation? Could it be “old-school” thinking and relying on “gut instinct”? It’s time for CFOs to rethink automation.

There are many advantages to automation standards. And, for the CFO, this can be truly beneficial for long-term company growth, In this Future Office of the CFO Minute, some of these advantages are covered to ensure you are equipped for success

For the CFO, there needs to be a fine balance between investing in people and technology. This requires tight collaboration between finance and other areas of the business. However, this can cause huge disruption if not properly executed.