Acceleration Economy

Partners Ecosystem Guidebook

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What's Inside

Cloud technology has been embraced by both enterprise corporations and SMBs (small-and medium-sized businesses) alike. And with these technologies comes the need for a partners ecosystem to act as a source of innovation, expertise, and growth for the Cloud Wars Top 10 companies.

Partners are an extension of the sales team, help generate new growth and market opportunities, and are sources of industry expertise. This guidebook dives deep into the Partners Ecosystem strategies of these top cloud companies and explores how they work with partners to deliver for customers.

What You Will Learn

  1. How ServiceNow is On the Road to $16 Billion and How Partners Are Indispensable
  2. How in Snowflake's Ecosystem Customers Become Partners in ‘Data Economy’
  3. How Oracle’s Big Transformation is Helping Customers Become Partners
  4. How Workday CoCEO Eschenbach Raises the Stakes for Ecosystem Partners
  5. Why SAP’s Global Partners Highlight Profound Cultural Change
  6. How IBM's Transformation Extends to a Rejuvenated Ecosystem Focused on Speed and Innovation
  7. How Google Cloud's Ecosystem is Driving Digital Innovation, Growth for Customers