The World’s Top Cloud Vendors

The Cloud Wars ranking of the 10 most-influential cloud vendors in the world. We adjust the rankings regularly, so check back for fresh insights and updates.

January 17, 2022

The Cloud Wars Top 10 providers are throwing their full weight behind what will be the hottest trends in 2022:
  • Industry Clouds that deliver new capabilities essential for the digital economy
  • Co-creation with customers becomes essential as breakthrough industry-cloud solutions are driven by both providers and customers
  • Cloud databases move out of the labs and into the mainstream business world to help power today's data-driven economy
  • AI everywhere: the vast promise of this world-shaping technology becomes anything *but* "artificial" with cloud as ideal delivery vehicle.
The media and some analysts perpetuate the silly myth that the cloud begins and ends with public-cloud Iaas. While IaaS is certainly important, it’s the software layers farther up the stack—PaaS and SaaS—that are driving even greater business value, innovation and differentiation for business customers.


Here at Cloud Wars, our Top 10 rankings are created from the POV of business customers, not from inside the tech-industry bubble.

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