Avalara on Data Visibility

    Avalara on Business Data Visibility

    Liz Armbruester, SVP of Global Compliance Alliance at Avalara, discusses how tax automation can increase business data visibility.

    Enterprise AI Battleground: Microsoft

    Microsoft is Equipping People with Low-Code AI

    The proliferation of AI in many apps and solutions can make it feel somewhat uncertain in a practical sense. To that end, Microsoft is equipping people with low-code AI solutions to empower them for critical business needs.

    State of Tax Automation

    2021 State of Tax Automation Report

    In 2021, Acceleration Economy deployed a research study to identify current sales tax impacts, how businesses are managing tax compliance and the rate at which



    Industry Cloud Battleground Week

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    Automating Finance Battleground

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    Built for analytics teams, RapidMiner unifies the entire data science lifecycle

    RapidMiner Delivers Lightning Fast Data Science

    An AI Cloud that delivers both depth for data scientists and simplification for everyone else is crucial. At the core of RapidMiner’s solutions, they deliver this with scalability and enterprise-grade security for 700,000+ global users.

    Modern CFO

    The Four Faces of the Modern CFO

    In this wildly different type of environment, businesses need the CFO to flip the arrow of time so that her or his major contributions are less
    about reconciling the past—what happened last month, last quarter, last year—and more about the future.

    Industry 4.0 - Building for the Future

    Industry 4.0 and Building for the Future

    Manufacturing challenges & solutions were in the spotlight for Day 3 of Industry Cloud Battleground Week. How did all of it fit into your digital transformation journey?

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