A Buyer’s Guide to AP Automation in 2021

    Accounts payable (“AP”) professionals continue to gain momentum and impact business operations. AP automation technology plays a major role in changing the way AP teams

    The Future of B2B Fintech

    B2B fintech has transformed from simple accounting systems that manage financial data to cloud-based, dynamic solutions that leverage disruptive technologies to transform financial processes. Among

    Methods to Secure Low-Code Environments

    Low-code shouldn’t mean high risk. Below, we’ll explore these potential failures and consider best practices to keep low-code platform security in check.

    Forecasting The Future of No-Code

    No-code is primed to open a new economy of freelancers. What else does the future of no-code hold? We interview David Adkins, co-founder of Adalo to find out.

    Auto generated DAX

    Tool by openai.com to auto generate DAX code with natural language query

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