Kieron Allen chats with Aaron Back about Go-To Apps to Drive Work Efficiency

    Podcast: Go-To Apps to Drive Work Efficiency

    What apps do you use to help you through the day? In this “Back @ IT” episode, Kieron Allen chats with me about his go-to apps that are a must to boost work efficiency.

    Future Office of the CFO Minute: How Can CFOs Embrace AI

    How Can CFOs Embrace AI?

    Artificial intelligence shouldn’t be viewed as yet another shiny toy, but embraced as new way to be efficient. In this Future Office of the CFO Minute, there are 3 factors that need to be considered to help CFOs stay competitive.

    Enterprise AI Battleground: Microsoft

    Microsoft is Equipping People with Low-Code AI

    The proliferation of AI in many apps and solutions can make it feel somewhat uncertain in a practical sense. To that end, Microsoft is equipping people with low-code AI solutions to empower them for critical business needs.

    Future Office of the CFO Minute: Playing Offense in a Defensive World

    Playing Offense in a Defensive World

    How well a CFO coaches and leads by playing inside the rules determines the success of the company’s offense in spite of security attacks. The CFO can influence the way the business invests in people and technology to put up a strong front against cybercriminals.

    Compliance Advantage

    Using Compliance to Your Advantage

    Digital compliance is impacting the change of laws, change of security tools and options, and how companies are being held accountable. CFOs need to shift their thinking on how compliance can an advantage.

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