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Where do the answers come from?

Acceleration Economy represents 10’s of thousands of proprietary CXO Practitioner Analysts reports, articles, videos and guidebooks that have been transformed from static content pieces into dynamic answers of the AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Data questions that business technology decision makers need answered.

Who are CXO Practitioner Analysts these answers come from?

Bob Evans Founder, Cloud Wars Co-Founder, Acceleration Economy
John Siefert Co-Founder Acceleration Economy
Crystal Aherns Director, Systems Architecture Heico Companies
Aaron Back Analyst-at-Large, Generative AI Acceleration Economy
Kieron Allen Cloud Apps and Innovation Acceleration Economy Analyst
Bill Doerrfeld Tech Journalist Editor-in-Chief
Frank Domizio VP, CISO
Manny Korakis CFO Professional Services Industry
Chris Hughes CISO & Co-Founder Aquia
Leonard Lee Managing Director & Founder neXt Curve
Joanna Martinez Founder Supply Chain Advisors
Ronak Mathur Automation Architect, Mater Hospital COO, QLD AI Labs
Pablo Moreno Acceleration Economy en Espanol Host Acceleration Economy
Kenny Mullican CIO at Paragon Films SMB CIO
Wayne Sadin CIO PriceSmart Acceleration Economy Advisory Board Member
Janet Schijns CEO JS Group
Tom Smith Editor-in-Chief, Acceleration Economy Cloud Wars Horizon Host
Paul Swider Chief Technology & AI Officer RealActivity
Tony Uphoff President, Pipeline360 Acceleration Economy Analyst
Scott Vaughan CMO/SaaS Executive Growth Accelerator
Toni Witt Co-Founder, Sweet AI Index Report Host
Robert Wood CISO Executive Branch Agency