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Acceleration Economy Advisory Services bring the real-world expertise of our practitioner analysts directly to your company.  Our practitioners have digitally transformed mid-market and enterprise companies from multiple points of view, including business executive, IT leadership, data, cybersecurity, marketing, finance, operations, procurement, supply chain and more with extensive experience in multiple industries.

We offer these services for corporations that are modernizing their business and need insight, guidance, and expertise from people who have “been there before” as they consider the why and how (strategy and execution) of major AI/hyperautomation, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Data decisions.  For mid-market and enterprise technology vendors, our advisory services bring an “outside-in” customer point of view to how your products, technologies, and services will land as you work to position and sell them.

Vendor Advisory Services:

Pricing starts at $15,000
  • Product-Market Fit: Defining the void your solution fills from the customer perspective in 3-5 sessions with practitioner analysts
  • Executive Buying Committee: Replicating the process an executive buying committee will go through when considering your category/solution by bringing together 3-5 practitioner analysts
  • Go-to-Market strategy: Aligning category design and messaging to what customers are looking for through 2-3 sessions with practitioner analysts
  • Product Roadmaps: Discuss, debate and define roadmap strategy and execution through roundtable discussions with target customer practitioner analysts

Corporate Advisory Services:

Pricing starts at $15,000
  • The “Why” strategy sessions: Roundtable discussions with CEO/CIO/CTO/CDO/CISO and other practitioner analysts on business modernization, digital transformation, using cybersecurity as a business enabler and considering the impact of AI/Hyperautomation on all elements of business process and execution.
  • The “How” execution sessions: Individual and group discussions with practitioner experts to outline timelines, KPIs, vendor consideration metrics, internal resource allocation, partner/system integration strategy and procurement.
  • The ”Board Pitch” sessions: Preparing a technology investment/business modernization strategy for boards, VCs, PE firms, or shareholder committees

Every company and need is unique, so we do not offer blanket pricing grids for our advisory services.  They start at $15,000 but can scale in different directions based on the project, initiative or modernization you are planning. 

Please contact Acceleration Economy Founders John Siefert and Bob Evans to discuss your specific needs, and we will outline an affordable, effective and customized plan for you and your business.

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