Author: Scott Vaughan


Scott Vaughan

CMO/SaaS Executive
Growth Accelerator

Areas of Expertise
  • Chief Marketing Officer

Scott Vaughan is an Acceleration Economy Analyst focusing on the Chief Marketing Officer and marketing's role and contribution to this massive business movement. Scott will be writing and sharing perspective, ideas and examples of what Marketing is and can do to drive the change and impact at a time when the pace of change is rampant and the stakes are so high for companies and employees, alike. Scott is a B2B CMO and go-to-market leader with a belief in collaboratively building businesses, expanding markets, accelerating growth, and developing impactful teams that create value. He continuously evolves his GTM playbook as the B2B buying-selling process is rapidly changing. Marketing (and all) must change with it. As a B2B CMO, Scott has learned creating scalable companies and revenue starts with impactful go-to-market strategies that exploit BIG market shifts like the Acceleration Economy movement, bullseye customer pains (realized or not), crafting and delivering high-impact programs, and being accountable to measurable goals and metrics. Drop him a note if you have ideas, a perspective to share or just want to share and compare notes!

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