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CEO Guide: 6 Steps to Integrate AI Into Your Business

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This 70-minute course is available to Acceleration Economy subscribers for free.

Course Description

Exclusive in-depth discussion defining a six-step CEO framework for evaluating, planning, piloting, deploying and measuring generative AI initiatives in your company. Course participants will learn:

  • Practical ways to educate yourself on generative AI
  • A process to define strategic goals
  • How to assess your current state
  • A plan to experiment and prototype
  • When and how to scale
  • Why it’s so important to monitor and iterate, and how to do so

Certificate of Course Completion:

Following the course receive a certification of completion from Acceleration Economy by answering a short 10-question quiz based on the learning objectives and insights shared through the course.

Here is a list of course instructors:

  • Tony UphoffPresident, Pipeline360 Acceleration Economy Analyst

Here is a list of course materials:

  • PDF ThumbnailCEO Gen AI Integration Course slides

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CEO Guide: 6 Steps to Integrate AI Into Your Business
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