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The Cloud Wars Top 10: How it works, why it has shifted & how CXO’s use it

Course Availability

The 3-hour exclusive video course and course material guidebook are available to stream and download (pdf). The entire course is available for free to Acceleration Economy subscribers.

Cloud Vendors Analyzed in this Course

Course Description

An in-depth examination of what makes the Cloud Wars Top 10 unique as a ranking of the largest companies serving the greatest growth market the world has ever known. Bob Evans leads an overview that describes some of the criteria he uses to create the ranking, including his 35 years of experience analyzing the market, financial performance, how innovation and adaptability are key, the role of dazzling customers, and more.

Bob is then joined by business partner and Co-Founder of Acceleration Economy John Siefert to define the top reasons why each company on the Cloud Wars Top 10 is a part of the ranking.

Next, Bob is joined by course moderator, Acceleration Economy SVP and Editor/Chief, Tom Smith and Practitioner Analysts that represent an executive buying committee considering Cloud Wars Top 10 companies, including 4X CEO Tony Uphoff, CFO Manny Korakis, CIO/CTO/CDO Wayne Sadin, and Partners Ecosystem expert Janet Schijns.

Bob will define the recent shifts in the ranking, which include moves up and down by Google Cloud, AWS, IBM, ServiceNow, Workday and Snowflake, and then each of the Practitioner Analysts will describe their feelings on the shifts, Bob’s criteria, and how they use the ranking in their evaluation process as executive buying committee members.

Following the practitioner session, Tom Smith rejoins Bob Evans where they will define why process mining pioneer Celonis is on the Cloud Wars Top 10 Horizon, a new distinction they have created to recognize stellar performance from companies just below the Top 10 ranking.

The program will be anchored by a “key takeaways” session that will outline the biggest learnings from the session, and tips/ideas for vendors, partners and buyers that leverage the Cloud Wars Top 10 in their roles

Course Objectives

  • Understand what makes the Cloud Wars Top 10 a unique ranking of the largest platform companies on the planet
  • Learn how CXO executive buying committees use and leverage the ranking and analysis from Acceleration Economy Co-Founder Bob Evans (and others) in their evaluations
  • Get context around the recent moves within the Top 10, and what drove those decisions


  • 3-hour video course defining how the Cloud Wars Top 10 is developed, why each company ranks where they do and how CXO executive buying committees use the ranking in their decision-making process
  • 70-page Cloud Wars Top 10 Report featuring analysis by Bob Evans on each of the Cloud Wars Top 10 companies

Here is a list of course instructors:

  • Bob EvansFounder, Cloud Wars Co-Founder, Acceleration Economy
  • John SiefertCo-Founder Acceleration Economy
  • Manny KorakisCFO Professional Services Industry
  • Wayne SadinCIO PriceSmart Acceleration Economy Advisory Board Member
  • Janet SchijnsCEO JS Group
  • Tom SmithEditor-in-Chief, Acceleration Economy Cloud Wars Horizon Host
  • Tony UphoffPresident, Pipeline360 Acceleration Economy Analyst

Here is a list of course materials:

  • PDF ThumbnailCloud Wars Course Material Guidebook

Course Content

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The Cloud Wars Top 10: How it works, why it has shifted & how CXO’s use it
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CXO Executive Buying Committee on Why & How they use the Cloud Wars Top 10
Instructors: Bob Evans, John Siefert, Manny Korakis, Wayne Sadin, Janet Schijns, Tom Smith, Tony UphoffPreview
Wrap up and summary of the course
Instructors: John Siefert