Acceleration Economy

Cybersecurity as a Business Enabler

A Cybersecurity Guidebook created by Acceleration Economy Practitioner Analysts

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What's Inside

Do you know what your company’s security posture is?

It’s a term that has been in circulation for quite some time now, but in essence, security posture is a measure of visibility into controls, assets, processes, threat detection, recovery, and security automation.

Why is this important?

The technology sprawl today can encompass hundreds and thousands of assets depending on the size of the organization – even SMBs. In addition, tech usage and data can be in play outside of the company’s direct assets through third-party resources. These resources are central for many attacks as a way to gain access to core company infrastructure.

With all this in mind, this Cybersecurity Guidebook is intended to create awareness, start conversations, force a reevaluation of internal processes and the technology in place, and consider if the right people are equipped to manage all aspects of your company’s cybersecurity as a true business enabler.

What You Will Learn

  1. Recognize the business value and revenue opportunity that cybersecurity can enable
  2. Create agility to pivot into areas such as “work from anywhere” and the metaverse
  3. Outline internal risk assessment and ownership processes that accommodate shifts in business models
  4. Upskill people in technical and strategic business experience to balance the focus of company direction
  5. Be transparent on messaging for those impacted by breaches both internal and external.
  6. Implement or reassess recovery and mitigation steps to keep your cybersecurity posture resilient.