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Securing Multi-Cloud Ecosystems

A Securing Multi-Cloud Ecosystems Guidebook | Underwritten by Lookout

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What's Inside

Multi-cloud computing allows organizations to tailor their cloud strategies, reduce costs, and avoid vendor lock-in, but it also brings unique cybersecurity challenges. Effective data management strategies, including data integration, governance, and compliance, are critical for success in a multi-cloud environment.

Our Securing Multi-Cloud Ecosystems guidebook is a comprehensive resource demonstrating the why & how of secure multi-cloud computing. Our group of practitioner-analysts, including Robert WoodWayne SadinFrank Domizio, Bill Doerrfeld, Scott Vaughan, Ronak Mathur, and Chris Hughes draw upon their extensive expertise to provide everything you need to know to safely take advantage of all multi-cloud has to offer.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to prepare your staff for the shift to multi-cloud
  2. How to build and manage multi-cloud security in a global business
  3. Why a multi-cloud strategy has pros and cons for cybersecurity
  4. Why cybersecurity hygiene is so critical in a multi-cloud environment
  5. How low code/no code adds orchestration and governance functionality to multi-cloud architecture