Author: Bill Doerrfeld


Bill Doerrfeld

Tech Journalist

Areas of Expertise
  • Cybersecurity
  • Low Code/No Code

Bill Doerrfeld, an Acceleration Economy Analyst focused on Low Code/No Code & Cybersecurity, is a tech journalist and API thought leader. Bill has been researching and covering SaaS and cloud IT trends since 2013, sharing insights through high-impact articles, interviews, and reports. Bill is the Editor in Chief for Nordic APIs, one the most well-known API blogs in the world. He is also a contributor to, Container Journal, Tech Beacon, ProgrammableWeb, and other presences. He's originally from Seattle, where he attended the University of Washington. He now lives and works in Portland, Maine. Bill loves connecting with new folks and forecasting the future of our digital world. If you have a PR, or would like to discuss how to work together, feel free to reach out at his personal website:

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