• State of RPA Research Highlights in 5 Minutes!
    Bridget Courneya & Aaron Back welcome attendees and sprint through some findings from the DAC State of RPA Study to set the pace for the day
  • The Future of Intelligent Automation with Ian Barkin
    Ian Barkin, best selling author of “Intelligent Automation” defines a future of creativity and critical thinking plus structured data and automation!
  • Happy State Bank’s RPA Journey to Redefine Business with Nintex
    Large scale financial institution defines the impact, metrics and outcomes of applying the Nintex RPA framework to their growing business
  • Defining an Automation Decision Path with Analyst Cem Dilmegani
    AI Multiple Founder outlines the critical decisions & choices that need to be considered when defining an RPA journey
  • 5 Awesome RPA Ideas in 10 Minutes (well, 12 🙂 ) with Automation Architect Ronak Mathur
    With experience in Finance & Healthcare Ronak has “been there before” and outlines hours of IQ in 10 quick minutes!
  • Industry Cloud RPA: Vertical Market Strategies with Bob Evans
    How RPA is becoming part of the industry cloud in different vertical markets, this session will define strategic questions to ask and approaches to consider
  • The RPA Journey: From Strategy to Execution with Mazars
    A real world view into institutions that have applied automation to redefine how they deliver employee & customer experiences
  • How Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence Impact RPA with Author Tom Taulli
    Examining RPA and AI, how human intelligence is still a major factor, and uncovering the next steps to be successful within your organization.
  • Real World RPA Applications with Microsoft Power Platform
    Ashvini Sharma, Group Program Manager at Microsoft, shares the inside story of customer’s applying Microsoft Power Automate solutions to their business
  • Hyperautomation in Manufacturing: Competing in an Acceleration Economy
    Hyperautomation in the manufacturing industry can have an immense impact and quick ROI, hear real world insights from the field
  • Human & Physical investments in RPA with Rob Seamans of NYU Stern School of Business
    The implication is that firms investing in new technologies (like RPAs) need to be committed to making additional investments as needed and also have patience
  • The Wrap: Top Takeaways from RPA Expo
    Join Bridget, John & Aaron for their perspective on the most important takeaways from RPA Expo!

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