Event Services at Acceleration Economy

Acceleration Economy Event Services deliver the real-world expertise of our practitioner analysts to digital and physical events.  We produce about a dozen Digital Summits and Roundtables a year respectively, focused on the biggest business and technology decisions that need to be made when considering AI/Hyperautomation, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Data initiatives. 

Event services also extend to third-party vendor and industry shows, where our practitioner analysts will engage in speaking roles, create pre, during, and post-show analyst coverage, or create an on-site “analyst desk” where reporting and interviews are done with speakers and executives.

Digital Summits

Pricing starts at $12,500
  • Each digital summit is thematically focused
  • Sponsorship includes a 10–15-minute executive interview
  • Each interview is based on specific questions developed by Acceleration Economy Practitioner Analysts
  • Each interview will have 2-3 moments that are shared on Acceleration Economy website and social media
  • Digital Summits attract 200-2000 registrants based on theme


Pricing starts at $15,000
  • Replicate executive buying committees defining a plan
  • Features 3-5 Acceleration Economy Practitioner Analysts
  • Full discussion guide is built to bring unique C-level points of view together around the topic
  • Each Roundtable will have 2-3 moments that are shared on Acceleration Economy website and social media
  • Roundtables attract 100-200 registrants based on theme

Speaking Engagements

Pricing starts at $10,000
  • Acceleration Economy Practitioner Analysts will deliver keynotes, lead sessions or moderate panels

Analyst Desk at Your Event

Pricing starts at $50,500
  • Analyst Desk set up and managed by Acceleration Economy production and operations team
  • AV services provided by Acceleration Economy (unless event already has something set up)
  • 2-4 Acceleration Economy Practitioner Analysts create three forms of content at the event:
    • Perspective and context on keynotes and speakers
    • Interviews with attendees, speakers and executives
    • Panel discussions to discuss, debate and define trends being analyzed at the event
  • All content runs on Acceleration Economy & social media during the event and over the 2 weeks following the event

Pre, During & Post Event Analysis

Pricing starts at $150,000
  • Pre-Event: Six weeks of analysis leading to the event including speaker interviews, podcasts and articles running at 2X a week
  • During Event: Analyst Desk program throughout event plus 2-3 daily podcasts from analysts on site and remote
  • Post-Event: All interviews, discussions and panels captured at the news desk run on Acceleration Economy, with 15-20 short form video “moments” that run on social media
  • Guidebook: custom guidebook created from sessions, discussions and speakers at the event

Please contact Acceleration Economy Chief Customer and Content Officers Dave Colford and Aaron Back to discuss your specific needs, and we will outline an affordable, effective and customized plan for you and your event services needs.

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