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This interview-based series of CEO discussions, hosted Bob Evans, delivers in-depth insights on strategy, product development, enterprise customer needs and more from Cloud War Top 10 CEOs.

A Partners Ecosystem digital event featuring Couchbase & AWS defining how their relationship delivers unique value to customers, enabling them to drive down the TCO of cloud databases, ensure optimal performance, and utilize AI to support data and infrastructure.

The Process Mining Battleground will level the playing field by enabling vendors serving the category to answer the same 5 CXO questions executive committees are using to define their shortlist.  

Data at Scale: VantageCloud on AWS

Featuring platform insights from Teradata and AWS, this digital summit will focus on the why and how of modernizing data in the cloud and driving business outcomes utilizing Teradata’s VantageCloud Lake running on AWS.

Generative AI Digital Summit On Demand

Generative AI offers many opportunities to enable businesses, but also comes with security implications. Learn the impact on the future of work and how Generative AI is redefining the customer experience.

Digital CIO Summit On Demand

Join pioneers that are thriving in the Acceleration Economy and setting the pace in their industries. We’ll focus on the “Why & How” of the best path forward in cloud, AI/hyperautomation, cyberscurity, and data modernization.