Do you have questions about your Microsoft Sandboxes, such as what are the costs involved? How many should I have? Do they have to be updated? Join Bryce as he dives into how to create sandboxes, and use them to their full potential in development and testing alongside your Business Central experience. We will also have a Q&A session at the end to answer all of your pressing questions.​

You’re a Production Manager, you have played in NAV/BC but need some help learning more and to get started using it. This one hour webinar gives you a jump-start to get started. We will describe planning for companies involved in manufacturing or assembly management where the resulting supply orders can be either production, assembly, transfer, or purchase orders. The main interface for this planning work is the Planning Worksheet page. Let’s not forget about wholesale companies.

In this talk, you’ll gain an understanding of what data the API can provide your apps. Bring a laptop or follow along as we explore the API using a web browser. The lessons you learn here will give you new ideas about how you can extend Dynamics into new and exciting parts of your business.​

Learn how businesses of all types are keeping their teams productive and engaged during the pandemic. 5 Panelists will present 5 mini-sessions and answer your questions: Participants from retail, manufacturing, professional services, financial, non-profit and healthcare will discuss how they are setting policies, adopting strategies and using technology to keep their businesses moving forward no matter where their employees are working. You’ll also offer tips on using Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM has amazing process automation tools available to administrators and cowboys alike. The flexibility of these features can be overwhelming and scary when it’s your first rodeo. Don’t let the system job el guapo scare you away! Let’s learn about workflow settings, scope and everything you need to know to get started. By the end you will have the tools to solve your business challenges!​

“The reason for employee engagement is the passionate pursuit of a better customer experience.” The innovation engine behind next generation customer experiences is engaged employees. Being people-centric isn’t a new concept, but digital workplace tools that can make it a reality have advanced significantly in recent years. In this session, best-selling author Geoff Ables shares what a people-centric organization looks like, with case studies highlighting how big data, analytics, employee engagement, processes, change management, user adoption, and culture have to align, and proven organizational disciplines that result in better customer and employee engagement. You’ll leave inspired, informed and full of ideas that will drive change – even transformation – in your organization. “If profit is the pulse of a company, then people are the heart.”

In this presentation, I will use the example of an automated TweetBot to highlight some of the disciplines non-coders should adopt when developing Flows. We will begin with how to design Flows to maximise success and then manage them once they are up and running. From there, I will talk about how I manage my Type 1 Diabetes by using Power Automate. We will see how these technologies can literally save lives.

Join Rachel Profitt, MVP, and Lenora Randle from Algood Food, as we share how to plan and implement your costing sheet. We will discuss the various types of indirect costs and how to configure each type. You will hear how these costs help manufacturing organizations get better insight and more accurate costs.

Microsoft has just released PowerApps Portals in Public Preview! In this session, you will walk away with a better understanding of how you can deliver better customer experiences with the new PowerApps Portals. I will also share a number of tips and tricks that I have learned during my experience in the private preview of the PowerApps portals and working with the previous CRM Portals solution.​

Marketing features are an untapped area in Dynamics 365 for Sales. Attend this session to learn the marketing features that are available to you in your current version of Dynamics, the strengths and limitations of these capabilities, and additional offerings from Microsoft and third-parties that you may want to consider in order to fully integrate your marketing and sales efforts using Dynamics 365.

The Dynamics 365 Field Service schedule board provides an overview of resource availability and bookings you can make. In this webinar we provide a high-level overview of the following: Quick Scheduling, Multi-Resource Scheduling, Multi-day scheduling, Resource Crew Scheduling, Resource Pools, Facility Scheduling, Time Constraints, and Booking Alerts.

If you weren’t able to go to GPUG Summit 2019; if you didn’t get to attend 120+ GP sessions; or if you haven’t memorized ALL of the GP session content, then THIS presentation is for you! Abra Gilman surveyed many GP Customers to find out their favorite tips, sessions, products and presenters from this year’s GP User Group Conference and she is going to blaze thru sharing the details these GP customers wanted YOU to know about!

Best of Summit 2018: Lessons from Your Peers: EDI 201 – The Benefits of a Managed EDI Solution at Caplugs
BCUG/NAVUG member Caplugs has tried many solutions for communication with their trading partners, and realized a managed EDI solution with its integration to Dynamics NAV yields many benefits, ultimately saving them money and freeing IT resources. Hear their story of using a managed EDI solution and how it has differed from processing EDI in-house, especially around the ability to remain current with technology, providing customer support, increasing their flexibility, and realizing their targeted ROI

Nowadays, low-code/no-code are buzzwords that you often hear coupled with the PowerApps platform. Microsoft truly changed the ICT landscape with the introduction of PowerApps, a focus on democratising solution development, and empowering citizen developers. However, with the public preview release of the PowerApps Component Framework (formerly known as the Custom Control Framework) hardcore developers can now rejoice with an exciting frameworks to play with. The PowerApps Component Framework allows you to build your own PowerApps custom controls and move away from the good old web resources approach. The framework expands on the platform’s capability and fills the gap when it comes to building custom rich controls. Come along to this session to see how we highlight the existing issues with web resources and demonstrate how those resources can be replaced with the latest framework. Live demo will include from building a control and deploying to Dynamics.

​Determining when to take on a new line of business or expand into a new service offering is a difficult and risky decision for any business. The ever changing world of Microsoft partnerships offer exponential growth potential to any solution provider, but it can also introduce new potential risks for you and your loyal clients. In this session, we will provide tools and practical advice to help you to navigate the pitfalls of a new practice, determine the right partner model, staff great resources, educate your sales and marketing team, win your first deal, and build a long-term sustainable business model.

​Microsoft recently introduced rapid process automation (RPA) functionality in Power Automate in the form of UI Flows. In this session you’ll learn exactly what this is, how to build your first 2 UI Flows, and the vision for how this new functionality can be adopted by your users for true self-service automation and integration.

FAQ’s are meant to provide easy answers to User questions, but not always will the user like to read the entire FAQ page, in such situations we can provide the users with a BOT to answer their queries. In this webinar we will explore on how to create bots in PVA, how to use your existing FAQ’s Page to create a bot and embed your bot in CRM, Website etc.