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This video is a step-by-step tutorial on Power Apps Gallery Pagination. This technique for Pagination in Power Apps utilizes the LastN & FirstN functions along with supported delegation logic which allows the Gallery to work with large data sources in which Power Apps will automatically break down your data source query in an optimized and performant manner. We will also provide dynamic filters for paging Size and Gallery filtering.

CRM systems are not what they used to be and are continually evolving. Have you kept pace with the change? Listen in as Heidi Neuhauser and I highlight this evolution, the infusion of AI in CRM, user adoption, and more.

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Data in the real world is messy, never available in the exact form that users need for their analysis or reports. Data Analysts need to spend a significant amount of their time working on data preparation, before the data is ready to be visualized. Power Query integration in Power BI Desktop provides a best-in-market experience for importing, reshaping and combining data from a wide range of data sources. In this session, we will teach you everything you need to know in order to start leveraging these capabilities and taking your reports to the next level. (Recorded 04/2019)