So your organization has decided to take the plunge and invest in a cloud service provider (CSP): Microsoft Azure. Maybe this is voluntary or alternatively through mergers and acquisitions, but the fact remains the same: Azure is likely an extension to your organizations’ on-premises enterprise network. Whether your organization is configured for a hybrid (cloud/on-premises) or completely cloud-native architecture, there are extensive security considerations. Azure is a fast-moving train; the technologies, services and integrations are constantly changing. Cloud service adoption rates are increasing, and an understanding of the Azure services, architecture, and security is critical. We’ll discuss many of the core security features and considerations that are fundamental tenets of a secure Azure environment.  Additionally, we will touch on a business continuity strategy in the event federation fails or on-premises service is no longer available. It is an ambitious topic, but one that will help you better approach and prioritize your Azure hardening initiatives.