They say laughter is the best medicine, but innovative computer science may be a close second. This guidebook dives in to how cutting-edge cloud technologies are revolutionizing healthcare organizations, leading to better patient outcomes and sustainability.

Not currently using Fixed Assets? That’s a shame, and you’ll learn why that is a shame as we cover the benefits of using Fixed Assets even if they are not integrated to the G/L. If you’re already using Fixed Assets, a gold star for you! Let’s dive into best practices and the benefits of using more of the Fixed Asset functionality including multiple Depreciation Books for BPP Reporting and for Tax Calculations and options for capturing Maintenance and Insurance.​

Let’s be honest, the dirty secret of the ERP Software Industry is that every major application of new technology has made it harder to install, upgrade and maintain the software. Why users aren’t storming the publishers castles with pitchforks and torches is beyond me.

This session is focused on the education of administering, adopting, and promoting the Power BI platform for an Enterprise solution. The overall success for an enterprise using Power BI comes not just from the skilled Power BI champions but how Power BI is deployed to an organization and maintained. Session topics include: adopting a framework for your BI team to govern & manage content in Power BI; utilizing workspaces for BI collaboration and organization of report content; creating a Power BI admin team who maintains and defines the intent of workspace environments; establish naming conventions for content (dashboards, reports) for end users; methods to help support and educate end users to adopt Power BI; and creating a internal BI support site.

AI is everywhere – and now even included in Power BI. Sometimes AI might be very apparent when you enrich your data with predictions by explicitly calling an Azure Machine Learning webservice in Power Query. Sometimes it might by hidden in a nice little context menu when Power BI is automagically explaining the reason of a difference or a change over time in your data to you. No matter if you are a business user, analyst or data scientist – Power BI has AI capabilities tailored to you. In this session we will cover how you can integrate and leverage the use of language R, how to integrate an Azure Machine Learning Service when loading data, what kind of insights Power BI is capable of delivering automatically, how you can create a complex new column without typing a single formula/function, how you can explore your data by asking questions in plain English, … and more! Sounds like a lot of content? I omitted most of the slides in favour to spend the time in live demos instead. Come in this session to learn how you can enrich you very own Business Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence and make the step up from Power BI to Power AI.