Not currently using Fixed Assets? That’s a shame, and you’ll learn why that is a shame as we cover the benefits of using Fixed Assets even if they are not integrated to the G/L. If you’re already using Fixed Assets, a gold star for you! Let’s dive into best practices and the benefits of using more of the Fixed Asset functionality including multiple Depreciation Books for BPP Reporting and for Tax Calculations and options for capturing Maintenance and Insurance.​

Let’s be honest, the dirty secret of the ERP Software Industry is that every major application of new technology has made it harder to install, upgrade and maintain the software. Why users aren’t storming the publishers castles with pitchforks and torches is beyond me.

Tips and Tools for training and coaching your team to not only make the sweet sixteen and final four, but to avoid elimination and be #1 in your field​​​.

Giving the times we are in, more and more companies are telling employees to work from home. Before COVID-19, this can be a great benefit—it cuts out commute time, allows for increased flexibility and provides employees with more control over their own workdays. However, there are drawbacks to working remotely, and you might find you have a hard time staying productive throughout the day when you aren’t in a traditional office. I want to give you 6 ways to stay motivated.

Join fellow users in your quest for certification with Microsoft Dynamics 365! Study Group sessions are round table discussions across a variety of topics and themes applicable to the Microsoft Certification listed. Please review the following topics for this week’s discussion on the MB200 Certification (Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core): Perform Discovery, Planning, and Analysis

Come and join us for this exclusive webinar to learn more about: the benefits of an Upgraded GP System, new features in GP 2015, 2016, and 2018, the difficulties of being on an unsupported version, including Payroll and other potential problems.

Learn to use standard available features of Azure DevOps, Visual Studio, and Dynamics 365 F&O to get more done in less time with fewer errors, fewer merge conflicts, and fewer deployment catastrophes. We’ll discuss committing code, using gated check-ins, how to manage multiple branches and prevent conflicts during merge and get the most out of your build box. We’ll also discuss having multiple build agents so you can do even more.

Summit 2020 is almost in the books! Did you miss something and need help finding the information? Would you like to request a more advanced or repeat of a topic? Want to suggest a new topic? Is there a question that you had a burning desire to get answered at Summit but you didn’t…bring your question(s), share your comments or just join to listen to ideas.

Learn how businesses of all types are keeping their teams productive and engaged during the pandemic. 5 Panelists will present 5 mini-sessions and answer your questions: Participants from retail, manufacturing, professional services, financial, non-profit and healthcare will discuss how they are setting policies, adopting strategies and using technology to keep their businesses moving forward no matter where their employees are working. You’ll also offer tips on using Dynamics 365 and Office 365.