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So while other executives in the Cloud Wars had superb years and were forces of outsized change and innovation and impact, I chose Benioff as the Cloud Wars CEO of the Year for 2020 because he achieved all of those things without his company missing a step

Alkermes, a global biopharmaceutical leader headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with a research and development center near Boston, Massachusetts is using SAP Concur to digitally transform processes around automation to drive multiple efficiencies. Understand the why and how behind their strategy to learn how this can inform your decision making process around automation!

Life used to be so simple before when managing classic workflow business logic inside of the CRM user interface. But with the introduction of Power Automate Flows the CRM Administrator’s job has become more difficult. Power Automate has it’s own administration portal, stop tabbing around. I will show how to bring it back together in one Power Automate Admin Dashboard built on the CDS platform. I will walk you through the Dashboard components, the Power Automate flow logic behind it and share with you the managed solution I built to contain it all.

The content of this session is geared toward an audience with intermediate-level knowledge of the subject area.

In this session, learn how to create flows that run flawlessly and handle unexpected errors. 

See demos of best practices for building enterprise-ready flows. 

Learn the life cycle development of a flow: planning, designing and making, testing, deployment, troubleshooting, and maintaining. 

At the completion of this session, you’ll understand the principles, practices, methods, and patterns for designing flows that will make you the Flow Master at your organization and the envy of your peers!

Session Level: Basic

Customer expectations have historically evolved faster than business applications. This has usually resulted in a gap between a business’ CRM-related tools and processes, and the demand by their customers for a personalized, timely and meaningful experience. Today, however, the technology has finally caught up. Learn how recent innovations can empower your organization to move beyond internally-focused sales and marketing processes to deliver individually tailored customer-centric experiences.

Do you want to drive innovation across your organization? Innovia Consulting’s Chief Operating Officer, Chad Williams explores how Microsoft Power Apps can solve your business problems quickly.

This session is not just theoretical, though. Chad has seen these solutions work. During his presentation, he will draw on examples of businesses that have found real-world success incorporating Power Apps with Business Central. His practical approach ensures you leave the session already thinking about how you can use Power Apps in your own business.