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On March 10th at 11am EST we are gathering the best of the best in the burgeoning Accounts Payable Automation market, where there is a battleground emerging for best of breed solutions to minimize errors, save money and streamline processes. Tap or click here to register for free today! With a compound annual growth rate of 12% the time is now for CFOs, AP Management and other Accounting Professionals to choose the solutions that are best for your business, consider your integration strategy and more–and we have created your short list!

AP Automation Battleground on March 10, 2021 at 11Am Eastern gives an inside view of how AP Automation solutions streamline process, save money and reduce errors as they comply with federal, state and local regulations. We have created your short list, now see which one is right for you.

The “transformation” buzzword is everywhere these days, and there’s no doubt that far-reaching, systemic change can deliver impressive results, especially when powered by new digital platforms. But transformation enthusiasm should be tempered by an understanding of the potential downsides

Shayne Higdon leads the mid-market for High Radius; a former BMC exec that joined the company with a focus on helping mid market companies save money/make money with High Radius automation solutions. We discuss how High Radius has been enabling mid-market companies to save serious cash through AR Automation and Treasury solutions that are delighting the office of the CFO. In this unscripted and straight to the point chat, Dynamic Communities CEO John Siefert gets real with Higdon in how the RadiusOne solutions are literally reducing manual labor through the finance department so that talent can be applied to more strategic initiatives. To connect with Shayne and the High Radius team, tap here to request a discovery call, schedule a demo or simply ask him and the team questions regarding your business.

In this video, Aaron Back, Decision Acceleration Community Director, has a chat with Kim Peterson and Carol Livingston about the ownership transition of Dynamics Connection. Kim is a long-time community champion and former GPUG Director. Carol, the new owner of Dynamics Connections, has over 25 years of financial and accounting experience across all company sizes and held positions from Controller to CFO.