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The Opportunities of Automation with Edge Computing

Acceleration Economy Analyst Brief

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What's Inside

One of the biggest opportunities for businesses to develop a competitive advantage with edge computing is critical automation. What is critical automation? It is real-time, highly reliable process automation in its basic form. You might think of it as an intelligent control loop formed by a cycle of IoT instrumentation and analytics with robotic process automation (RPA).

When we look at the opportunities going forward with edge computing, the stuff we can get excited about is automating and autonomously orchestrating digital/virtual and physical things and operations at the edge. This is how you can scale the intelligent automation of your business at the edge and beyond.

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What You Will Learn

  1. What is Critical Automation at the Edge?
  2. The Closed Loop of Autonomy
  3. 4 Factors of Critical Automation at the Edge
  4. Critical Edge Automation in the Wild
  5. A Frontier of Innovation and Competitive Advantage