Acceleration Economy

The Human Impact of Enterprise AI

An Acceleration Economy AI/Hyperautomation Guidebook & Top 10

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What's Inside

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the technology landscape in many ways, profoundly impacting us humans. For example, AI has redefined our expectations: Think about what you want and expect from apps like Uber, Netflix, or DoorDash.

While artificial general intelligence has not been achieved, how AI is used today should not be ignored. It has changed business models and processes, created new job opportunities, surfaced discoveries, and challenged our perceptions of the tech world’s bias and ethics.

Access this guidebook β€” developed by Acceleration Economy Chief Content Officer and AI expert, Aaron Back β€”to learn which companies make the Enterprise AI Top 10 and more!

What You Will Learn

  1. Criteria such as critical capabilities used to define the Top 10
  2. Where co-creation fits in
  3. Insights into the Human In The Loop (HITL) element
  4. Real-world proof of AI's impact