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Acceleration Economy analysts view smart technology deployment – especially when it comes to cloud technology – as a foundational element to help reimagine your business and accelerate growth.

Unfortunately, there are too many instances of businesses that have deployed cloud technology for technology’s sake, or that have simply re-platformed on-premises applications – complete with all the baggage that brings – to the cloud. And that’s a setup for failure – or at least a major disappointment relative to the promised benefits of “digital transformation.”

So, we were excited when IBM’s Institute for Business Value issued a report called “The Deep Cloud Alternative” that advocates many similar approaches to those that we advocate.

We’ve assembled a series of content assets relating directly to Deep Cloud, as well as digital transformation, to paint a more detailed picture for you. Is a Deep Cloud or digital transformation project in your future? These insights will help you build your business case.

  • Why IBM’s “Deep Cloud” Is a Digital Transformation Blueprint
  • How IBM’s “Deep Cloud” Aims to Make Digital Transformation More Valuable
  • How Digital Transformation Is About More Than Technology
  • How CIOs Scale Their CXO Influence During Digital Transformations
  • Why People and Culture Are So Important to Digital Transformation Results
  • Why Your Board Needs to Be On-Board to Accelerate Digital Transformation
  • Why the Hospitality Industry’s Digital Transformation Needs a Frictionless Outcome

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