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Acceleration Economy

Successful Data and Business Modernization

FREE Data & Business Modernization Guidebook | Underwritten by Okera

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What's Inside

Data. For many, this word conjures our digital-first world or the competitive edge in decision-making. While others may still be wrestling with how to put data at the nucleus of their operations due to the overwhelming volumes of data and the lack of clarity on how to manage it.

In this FREE Acceleration Economy Guidebook, you will be equipped with the “Why and How of Data and Business Modernization” from the people who have “been there, done that.”

What You Will Learn

  1. Why and How Data Drives Effective Business Decisions
  2. How Modernizing Your Cloud Database Strategy Increases Buyer Engagement and Customer Relationships
  3. How Data Modernization Unites Security, Access, and BI
  4. Why Data Modernization Is About Quality, Policies, and Cybersecurity
  5. How to Know When to Automate Data Processes (and When Not to)
  6. Why Successful Data Modernization Depends on Understanding Your Partner Ecosystem
  7. How Startup Okera Secures Data Analytics Access — at Massive Scale
  8. Why CISOs Must Be Part of Data Governance
  9. How Poor Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policies Could Be Putting You at Risk
  10. How to Vet Autonomous Database Security