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Looking at ways to better meet the needs of your clients is critical for accountants. Using customer relationship management software (CRM) is an excellent way to serve your clients by keeping them happy and engaged. CRM software is also simple to use, allowing accountants to work much more efficiently without constantly dealing with technical issues.

Data is growing exponentially! To handle, analyze and interpret such a large amount of data we need data scientists.Having interviewed many aspiring data scientists, as well as having trained over 300 people in data science, I share my experience in the hiring process and some additional considerations.

To put a complex process into simple terms: supply chain management serves as the foundation on which to lay both your offline and online operations.Supply chain challenges, especially ongoing ones, make it tough for businesses to split their focus between addressing those issues and optimizing their e-commerce experiences. As a result, those who already serve buyers online are worried about keeping their customers happy, aware that buyers’ opinion of their suppliers is impacted by the quality and reliability of service and fulfillment.Recent research conducted on the manufacturing industry shows that 98% of manufacturers are already implementing or planning to implement an e-commerce solution. Now is the time to focus on implementing productive solutions geared at tackling manufacturers’ biggest B2B e-commerce supply chain management challenges.

California’s new groundbreaking law, Prop 24, is the first US government watchdog law targeting data protection and privacy. This law will become effective in 2023 and protect nearly 40 million people. California Prop 24 is just the start of potential federal privacy regulations. Use this piece to future-proof your company for a National Privacy Law.

Bob Evans, creator of Cloud Wars and leading influencer in the business technology category, will define how the digitization of business is impacting every organization, big and small, around the world.  Delivering a customer-centric point of view through his analysis of the digital economy, Evan’s perspective will leave you inspired and curious to learn more as he explains where the world is going and the role you can play.  Evans will also explain why Microsoft is at the top of his Cloud Wars ranking and what that means to all of us in the community.